What is ADHD/ADD?


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) is a childhood disorder that could continue throughout someone’s life. It is a condition where people have difficulty staying focus, difficulty controlling behavior or difficulty in paying attention. These symptoms are most commonly discovered from children with ADHD.  This condition affects children’s actions by having a low self-esteem at school or home. In addition, adults could possibly had developed low self-confidence as they grew up as well as difficulty with time management and organisational skills due to lack of motivation and intellectual capability.


The cause of ADHD is still unknown although researchers still continually studies the clear cause of this condition. Similar to other illness, ADHD have several possible cause from elements that are most likely contribute to the condition which affects the function of the brain. These involve genes, brain injuries, chemical imbalance or environmental factors. Several researchers mentioned that ADHD can often be genetic which runs in families. This is a common way to develop disorder from one leads to another. Traumatic brain injuries can affect the function of the brain which illustrates ADHD behaviors. Scientists believe an imbalance of brain cells or chemicals such as neurotransmitters that transmit nerve impulses may be a factor in the development of ADHD symptoms. Some experts also  stated that environmental factors like cigarette smoking and alcohol during pregnancy may have higher risk in developing ADHD for new born. In all cases, ADHD can be develop uncontrollably through different conditions.

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